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Why Your Sales Training Didn’t Work Last Year

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

Why-Your-Sales-Training-Didnt-Work-Last-Year.jpgInvesting in sales training isn’t always an easy call. Past trainings may have had limited results, and you’re never really sure you got your money’s worth. Instead of sinking more money into training without a guaranteed ROI, take the time to find the right partner with the right approach to deliver measurable results.

Learn how to create a roadmap to success for your team. With the right methodology, you can learn to dominate your sales numbers and ensure revenue growth month over month.

Best-in-class companies work to define the success profiles of their perfect sellers, ones that not only understand your products and services, but also know how to focus on the highest value sales activities.

GrowthPlay can help you identify your company’s “perfect sell” and keep your sales reps focused on winning more of these deals. As a leader in Sales Performance Training and Strategic Growth Consulting, GrowthPlay has the expertise you need to design your roadmap to success. Here’s why your sales training hasn’t worked in the past and what you need to dominate the sales cycle in the future:

Why Your Sales Training Didn’t Work Last Year

1. Your Message Didn’t Define Your Value

Without a clear understanding of the exact value your products or services deliver, there’s no way your sales reps will be successful. Your sales team should be trained with a repeatable messaging framework that highlights both the value drivers and differentiators you offer.

By building this clear, concise, value-based message, your team can better sell to your best prospects.

To get started on developing your message, you need to ask these questions:

  • What problems do you solve for your clients?
  • How do you specifically solve these problems?
  • How do you do it differently than your competitors?
  • What’s your proof?

Answering these questions may start with the sales and marketing teams, but it needs to be brought to life by every person who interacts with your customers. Defining your value is the first step to creating that message. Once you’ve answered these questions, then every member of the customer-facing teams needs to be responsible for delivering that value.

Fortunately, GrowthPlay offers the best sales engagement solution for any business that is looking to revamp the way it sells.

To help companies create their message, Sales Performance Training should drive alignment with three value components: value comprehension, value offering, and value engagement.    

Value Comprehension

This is driven by your organization's ability to adapt to changing market trends. By crafting messages that are responsive to the market, you ensure that your brand is always relevant to today’s buyers.

Value Offering

With a better understanding of how changing market conditions affect your clients, GrowthPlay sales training helps your team create the products and services that address those needs. It also empowers your team to create the broader messages that help prospective clients use your products to solve business challenges and continue their growth.

Value Engagement

Finally, our sales training helps your team tell a clear and impactful story of your company’s value and differentiation. Using case studies and real-life business examples, your team can show your prospects how to solve their business challenges.

With an emphasis on highly practical and executable examples, your team is able to show your value in easy-to-understand stories, improving engagement and communication with the client.  

Here’s an example from our customer work: After partnering with GrowthPlay, Welch Allyn used our Command of The Message strategy to take a $1.5M opportunity and turn it into a $7M closed deal. Learn more about how articulating their value and differentiators helped them solve their customer’s pain points by reading the case study here.  

2. Your Organization Was Not Aligned

In order for your sales team to be successful, they need to work with all members of your company. If the sales team isn’t supported by other key teams, they won’t be successful. Everyone, from the sales team to the delivery team to the customer service team, must work together to deliver a stellar product that meets the customer’s needs.

Without this follow-through in your organization, sales numbers will slip as word gets out about the inconsistencies in your product and service delivery.  

The GrowthPlay approach adopts a more comprehensive alignment strategy.  From the start, we incorporate cross-functional leaders, creating buy-in and alignment throughout your organization.  

The GrowthPlay approach promotes a common vested interest throughout the company so that everyone is delivering powerful results. This, combined with an ongoing focus on improvement, ensures the company stays focused on delivering value to all its customers.  

Here’s an example from our customer work: Fuze, a cloud-based mobile global communications platform, was struggling to move from technical sales conversations to value-based sales conversations. After going through Command of the Message training, the Fuze team was able to shorten their sales cycle to less than a month. One closed deal met more than half of a sales rep’s quota.  

3. Your Team Lacked Support

Changing your sales team isn’t a one-week process. After you identify your message and align your sales conversation around it, you need to reinforce that message. Long-term adoption success takes time and consistency.

By consistently reinforcing your message, you promote the transformation of your team. Measuring the results of the training over time also helps you extend the value of your training. Our Sales Performance Training gives you the tools and approach you need to keep your team moving forward without sliding back into old patterns.

Holding a training session and expecting a rapid transformation without any support is a dead end plan.  

At GrowthPlay, we not only recognize the need for ongoing support for your sales force, we actively encourage it by giving you the tools and methodology to achieve it. Unlike your past sales training programs, Sales Performance Training with GrowthPlay creates a partnership that fosters the long-term transformation of your staff.  

Instead of a one-time training event, GrowthPlay provides the framework necessary to dominate the sales cycle and drive continuous growth.

With GrowthPlay, businesses benefit from:

  • Customized solutions that we co-create with your team
  • Alignment Architects that help you define your message
  • A Commitment to Success that offers ongoing support

By investing in a sales engagement approach that aligns your entire company with one clear message, you’ll enable your sales team to meet your numbers, each and every month.


We’ve worked with a number of companies to help them identify and close multi-million dollar deals. Let us show you how we’ve helped companies like GM and Cardinal Health define success profiles and hire their best sales talent, resulting in millions of dollars in additional revenue every year.

If you’re ready to make 2017 the year you transform your sales team, contact GrowthPlay. Let us show you how to dominate the sales cycle.
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