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When to Use Case Studies in Your Sales Process

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

Building_Value_Resized.pngA powerful customer testimonial may mean the difference between winning and losing an opportunity. That’s why we put such an emphasis on proof points in Command of the Message®.

The key to leveraging any testimonial is to use it in a way that has impact, depending on your prospect. Your sales process shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, it should align with what your buyer needs and how he/she buys. You need to look for the right opportunity to have the greatest impact.

 How do you know when the timing is right?

Think about a current opportunity you’re working on right now. Click through the SlideShare and determine if a customer testimonial can move the buyer along in his/her decision process. If you have enough testimonials, consider using them strategically, at multiple times during your sales process.

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