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What the Digital Buyer Wants from Your Sales Team

by Rachel Clapp Miller /
Digital buyer

There's a lot of publicity around selling to the digital buyer. While there are new tools and insights to leverage in the sales process, the need to communicate value doesn't change. However, meeting your buyer where they are and using the modalities available to you can provide a competitive advantage. 

In a digitally-connected world, buyers expect to connect with you through their phones, socially and on websites. Below you'll find key ways you can tap into those expectations and communicate value to the digital buyer. 

Inform and Engage Socially

Using social networks has become a priority when networking, especially for top salespeople. Research clearly shows that B2B buyers rely on information acquired through social media to make purchasing decisions.

If your organization has a corporate social presence, marketing is making sure it's promoting the corporate brand. However, they can only do so much with the company Twitter handle. When your salespeople are able to tap into their own professional networks by sharing content and engaging, they're able to communicate more effectively with a digital buyer.

Don't underestimate enabling your reps to have profiles that are optimized for sales. How many times have you checked someone out on LinkedIn before or after you've met with that person?  Make sure they have a profile that's meaningful and valuable for prospects.  

Acquire Knowledge and Share Value

Digital buyers research and gain a lot of time combing information with or without contact from a salesperson. Think about how you search for a vendor. Your customers are likely doing the same thing. They're conducting research and actively searching for information on solutions. 

It's a huge advantage when your team can jump in with content, social activity and e-mails that deliver value. Using an advanced analytics software tool, you can develop precise personas that address the particular needs and behaviors of buyers. Your digital content and initial engagement is the moment of truth where you share knowledge and resolutions with the right buyers.

Monitor and Improve the Customer Experience

Selling never ends with the first purchase order. It's a process that continues along the customer lifecycle. Retaining customers, preventing churn and leveraging cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are critical to maintaining your revenue numbers. 

Measuring your impact with the digital prospect and customer is just as critical as measuring your other sales and marketing activities. Consistent selling processes, including your routine use of social tools, enables for better monitoring. Emphasize optimization of the customer experience with your team and address opportunities to improve performance and increase sales continuously.

Digital buyer

With a digital buyer, the customer experience includes access to
information as desired and efficient communication across multiple touch points.

Don't Forget the Basics

Because they perform a lot of research in advance, digital buyers may want to jump right to your product features and functions and talk price. 

Your goal is to make sure you align those conversations with the prospect's needs and pain points. Your conversation will only be effective if you're able to align it with the prospect's needs, no matter how much research has been done. Only then can you effectively point out the quality and value of your solutions, and ultimately take the prospect's focus off of price alone.


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