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Why Every Sales Team Needs to Be Social Selling

If you haven’t added social media to your sales process, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Think back to 20 years ago, and imagine if someone told you that every company you worked for was going to issue everyone an email address and give them a computer. You would have laughed! Years before that you would have done the same.

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Enable Your Reps to Use Social Media in the Sales Process

Encouraging your salespeople to create an account on LinkedIn or Twitter doesn’t mean that the leads will start pouring in and the sales will close themselves. Social selling isn’t a magic bullet, but another tool for sellers to engage with prospects and customers.

In fact, your salespeople can get hundreds of followers, thousands of likes, and even make valuable connections, but if you don’t employ a system that capitalizes on these interactions, you’ll never see the kind of return that drives bottom-line impact.

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What the Digital Buyer Wants from Your Sales Team

There's a lot of publicity around selling to the digital buyer. While there are new tools and insights to leverage in the sales process, the need to communicate value doesn't change. However, meeting your buyer where they are and using the modalities available to you can provide a competitive advantage. 

In a digitally-connected world, buyers expect to connect with you through their phones, socially and on websites. Below you'll find key ways you can tap into those expectations and communicate value to the digital buyer. 

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5 Tips for Measuring Your Social Selling Success

Social selling is a term that's received a lot of "buzz" in the sales industry. It's a likely result of sales organizations trying to provide reps with the tools to communicate value and differentiation digitally. 

We don't love the term because it indicates that social selling is something different than great selling. We see social selling as another tool to use to articulate value and differentiation, particularly in the digital space. However, as with any sales activity, if you want it to drive success you need a way to measure it. Here are five tips for measuring your use of social media tools in sales.