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The High Price of Unwanted Turnover

All organizations expect a certain amount of turnover. In small amounts, turnover keeps the organization fresh with new talent and ideas. However, when turnover is higher or unwanted, the result quickly turns negative, costing the organization considerable time and money to hire and train new personnel.

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Why New Hires in Your Sales Organization Fail

One of the driving forces of a successful sales organization is the ability to hire, retain and develop top sales talent. If you want to hit your revenue goals every quarter, you need a process that prevents you from wasting money on mis-hires and losing talent to the competition.

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Are You Plagued With Bad Sales Talent Data?

If you’re like most sales managers, you’re constantly taking shortcuts with the time you spend on managing your sales talent. In many sales organizations, activities associated with managing people often get put on the back burner either because we are uncomfortable handling them or because we’re too busy reacting to seemingly more pressing problems. Unfortunately, taking shortcuts in these key processes can bring negative consequences to your sales organization, including crippling effects to your bottom line. Add up several bad hires and you’ve got a sales talent problem that’s preventing you from making your numbers.

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Great Sales Reps Won’t Necessarily Make Great Sales Leaders

The same forces that are transforming sales organizations are also changing sales management in the number of hats they are required to wear … coach, strategist, politician, recruiter, trainer … are only a few essential roles expected. For the majority of sales roles, those traits that make a person good at selling are not necessarily the same competencies required to successfully lead a sales organization.

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Five Things That Every Sales Talent Strategy Needs

Developing a process to attract and retain top sales talent is critical to lowering turnover rates and improving your sales team’s bench strength. CSO Insights’ research repeatedly shows sales organizations struggle with developing processes that help them recruit and onboard top sales talent. In their most recent report more than half of sales organizations need to improve their ability to "consistently hire reps to succeed."