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How to Boost Your Sales Strategy

The start of a new year is an ideal time to commit yourself and your sales team to achieving even better sales results in 2016.  It starts with a defined sales strategy that is aligned cross-functionally in your organization.

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A Must-Have Checklist to Provide Better Sales Call Feedback

One way to improve your ability to retain your top sales talent is to regularly provide effective feedback through sales coaching sessions. Providing constructive and consistent feedback is an important part to of coaching your sales reps to success. Sitting in on sales calls can help you, as a sales leader, reinforce new methodologies and coach your reps to continually map their sales conversations to solving customer problems. Here’s a quick checklist of questions you can use to help you provide effective feedback.

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Coaching Your Sales Talent: Best Practices for Opportunity Reviews

Having a process to help you support individual and team performance can be invaluable to help you coach, motivate and lead a high-performing sales team. Best-in-class companies have clearly defined organizational responsibilities and measurements in place to evaluate performance. With the right sales coaching tools at hand, necessary improvements can be made quickly and sales forces can move forward, ready to succeed.

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Attracting Top Sales Talent: Finding the Not-in-Play Players

A top-performing sales team relies on its people. Once you have the right people on board, success becomes a lot easier. Attracting and recruiting top sales talent is a key, yet often overlooked component to sales effectiveness. As a sales leader, you need to actively recruit for your team. Don’t delegate it to human resources. It’s too important to the success of your team to not have your ownership.