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Four Tools To Support Your Sales Talent Management Strategy

Hiring and retaining talented sales professionals is one of the most important roles for a successful sales leader.  An intelligent hiring system, accurate screening methods and high-quality talent management tools all influence your ability to deliver on revenue goals. 

Here are four specific tools that can greatly enhance your ability to attract and manage talented sales professionals.

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Has Your Sales Team Lost Its Focus?

When your sales team loses focus, there's often a breakdown in tools, processes or content. Often the culprits are cumbersome administrative processes and a lack of internal alignment around message and sales execution. Bottom line, you need your reps spending as much time as possible selling

Here are several action steps you can take to ensure your team is focused on the high-value activities that move the needle.  

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The Tools You Need to Build a High-Performing Sales Team

If you want a high-performing sales organization, you need the right people on your team. Best-in-class companies have tools and processes in place that help them attract, hire and retain top sales talent.

Here are some key tips to attracting top talent and building a high-performing sales team. 

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A Must-Have Checklist to Provide Better Sales Call Feedback

One way to improve your ability to retain your top sales talent is to regularly provide effective feedback through sales coaching sessions. Providing constructive and consistent feedback is an important part to of coaching your sales reps to success. Sitting in on sales calls can help you, as a sales leader, reinforce new methodologies and coach your reps to continually map their sales conversations to solving customer problems. Here’s a quick checklist of questions you can use to help you provide effective feedback.

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The High Price of Unwanted Turnover

All organizations expect a certain amount of turnover. In small amounts, turnover keeps the organization fresh with new talent and ideas. However, when turnover is higher or unwanted, the result quickly turns negative, costing the organization considerable time and money to hire and train new personnel.

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Why New Hires in Your Sales Organization Fail

One of the driving forces of a successful sales organization is the ability to hire, retain and develop top sales talent. If you want to hit your revenue goals every quarter, you need a process that prevents you from wasting money on mis-hires and losing talent to the competition.

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Are You Plagued With Bad Sales Talent Data?

If you’re like most sales managers, you’re constantly taking shortcuts with the time you spend on managing your sales talent. In many sales organizations, activities associated with managing people often get put on the back burner either because we are uncomfortable handling them or because we’re too busy reacting to seemingly more pressing problems. Unfortunately, taking shortcuts in these key processes can bring negative consequences to your sales organization, including crippling effects to your bottom line. Add up several bad hires and you’ve got a sales talent problem that’s preventing you from making your numbers.