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4 Ways To Motivate Middle Performing Salespeople

Think about the best coaches or the best managers you’ve ever encountered. What did they do that made them great? Often, they have the ability to motivate and push you to greater success. The skill behind those traits is the ability to meet people where they are.

There are many sales organizations out there that fall into that 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the revenue comes from 20 percent of the people. If you could improve that ratio, your sales results would improve exponentially. So how do you motivate those middle performing salespeople in a way that improves their productivity and emotionally connects them to being an A player?

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Four Essential Steps to Hiring Top Sales Talent

The hiring and development of sales talent is often the least disciplined process within sales organizations. While sales leaders and managers are focused on helping reps build pipeline and close business, recruiting and the hiring process can often take a back seat to more pressing sales activities.

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Why Great Salespeople Make Terrible Sales Managers

Bruce Sevy is the Managing Director of GrowthPlay's Talent Analytics Center. He has a passion for talent management and is a 20+ year veteran in designing and implementing efficient, high-impact talent management systems, tools and processes that help organizations select, deploy, develop, reward, and promote high performance employees at all organizational levels. 

Spend any time with a sales organization and you are bound to hear a similar story – a story about a great rep who failed the transition to sales manager. This story is about Jon.

It is set in a venerable, widely known, widely respected organization headquartered in the Northeast and Jon was their latest superstar. He joined the organization fresh out of school and wasted no time demonstrating a true knack for sales.

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How to Hire Sales Talent that's Right for Your Organization

Hiring sales professionals that not only have talent, but that also fit well into your organization, is more complicated than many sales leaders realize. The right person needs to have the skills and abilities necessary to blend in with your existing team, connect well with prospects and clients, and commit to growth within your organization.

The following are some helpful tips to assist you as you attempt to hire sales reps that are right for your business.

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How to Improve the Way You Hire Salespeople

If you are a top sales organization, you are always in a heated competition for top sales talent. The strength of your hiring ability is directly tied to your ability to meet your revenue goals.

 Just as it takes sound growth strategies to differentiate your solutions, you need to optimize your recruitment and selection process to edge out the competition in attracting talented reps.

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A Guide to Retaining Top Sales Talent

Great sales organizations are maniacally focused on customer retention. The benefits of retaining recurring revenue streams are obvious. However, great sales organizations are also just as stringently focused on retaining their top sales talent.

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Four Tools To Support Your Sales Talent Management Strategy

Hiring and retaining talented sales professionals is one of the most important roles for a successful sales leader.  An intelligent hiring system, accurate screening methods and high-quality talent management tools all influence your ability to deliver on revenue goals. 

Here are four specific tools that can greatly enhance your ability to attract and manage talented sales professionals.