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How a Defined Sales Process Benefits Your Business

A defined sales process has consistent steps that align the way you sell with the way your buyers buy. Requiring your reps to make X number of calls a day is not a sales process. Outlining the fields that need to be entered in Salesforce isn't a process either.

Rather, when you define the specific activities that move a prospect through the buying process, your team is able to improve deal velocity and consistently qualify opportunities. 

If you don't have a defined sales process, here are four reasons why you should take immediate action for your sales organization. 

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3 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships with Your Customers


Relationship building has become one of the most important facets of any business's sales strategy. Your relationships with your clients or customers can provide the needed advantage that helps differentiate you from your biggest competitors.

Try the following tactics to build stronger relationships with your customers and to create a business that is known for its ability to form long-lasting relationships.