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Why Your Sales Training Didn’t Work Last Year

Investing in sales training isn’t always an easy call. Past trainings may have had limited results, and you’re never really sure you got your money’s worth. Instead of sinking more money into training without a guaranteed ROI, take the time to find the right partner with the right approach to deliver measurable results.

Learn how to create a roadmap to success for your team. With the right methodology, you can learn to dominate your sales numbers and ensure revenue growth month over month.

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4 Actionable Ways You Can Increase Sales Productivity with GrowthPlay

Don’t let another month close without taking control of your sales productivity. Your company’s future is relying on the productivity of your sales reps. Great sales leaders know how to build sustainable revenue growth that keeps your company growing and leaves your competitors in the dust.

By implementing four key strategies, your team of top-tier sales reps will deliver continuous growth. With guidance from GrowthPlay’s newly expanded team of sales experts, you can generate more revenue per rep by improving your internal processes and strengthening client interactions.

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Common Sales Performance Management Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Enabling your front-line sales managers to be great sales coaches is one of the most effective things you can do as a sales executive.

Many sales organizations are dealing with the same type of challenges: a lack of consistency in executing the sales process, limited line-of-sight for managers to understand what's going on with opportunities or territories, and reps spending too much time not selling.

Here are some tips for navigating among the most common sales performance obstacles.