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The Power of Great Discovery

If you want to elevate your sales conversations to high-level decision makers, you need to be able to map your solution to a problem with real business impact. Without a pointed discovery process, uncovering that problem is nearly impossible.

It's been our experience that salespeople love tips on executing better discovery. It's because often, it could be that one question that gets your prospect thinking in favor of your solution.

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How to Highlight Value in Your Next Sales Meeting

When you’re pursuing an opportunity and you earn that coveted time with a decision maker, you have to be ready to uncover their needs and articulate your value. Often times, you only get one chance to get it right.

Ensure you hit the right target in your next sales conversation.

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When to Use Case Studies in Your Sales Process

A powerful customer testimonial may mean the difference between winning and losing an opportunity. That’s why we put such an emphasis on proof points in Command of the Message®.

The key to leveraging any testimonial is to use it in a way that has impact, depending on your prospect. Your sales process shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, it should align with what your buyer needs and how he/she buys. You need to look for the right opportunity to have the greatest impact.

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3 Ways Marketing Can Help Drive Command of the Message Success

If you’re ready to kick off a Command of the Message® engagement or perhaps you just wrapped the rep delivery, you’re likely looking for ways that you can maximize reinforcement and adoption.

Besides, leveraging your front-line managers and making sure you have constant reinforcement throughout the sales organization, your marketing department can help give your reps the tools to really command your message in the marketplace.

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Building Alignment: What is Your Value Message?

Understanding the value you provide your customers is a critical component to a company meeting its revenue numbers quarter after quarter.

In B2B organizations, it’s not just the sales and marketing departments who need to understand this value. It’s every person along the customer engagement spectrum.

Remember, once you create value in your sales process, you need to capture the value in delivery.