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Six Things Every Sales Messaging Strategy Needs

If you’re a veteran seller, you likely appreciate a good sales conversation. So what makes a sales conversation stand out? One that’s focused on customer needs and the unique value your solution provides.

A well-defined sales messaging strategy drives these types of conversations, and ultimately results in overall sales productivity and bottom-line revenue impact. Without a framework to implement your sales messaging strategy, you run the risk of lagging sales, quarter after quarter. 

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Four Ways to Improve Your B2B Sales Process

Efficiency and alignment are critical elements of sales productivity. An effective B2B sales process provides a mechanism that drives repeatability, predictability and validation of progress throughout a sale. Most importantly, it allows for inspection and planning – in advance.

Sales is the engine that drives your revenues. You can't assume a great product will simply sell itself. If the value and differentiation isn't clear to the customer, even crafting the best deal will not help your reps in the field. 

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The Key to Effective B2B Selling

If you are selling a B2B solution, there is nothing more effective than having a consistent way to answer the following questions:

  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • How do you specifically solve these problems?
  • How do you differently than your competition?
  • What's your proof?  
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No-Fail Tips to Improve Sales Performance

Improving sales performance is a continuous effort for high-powered sales organizations. While there are a lot of levers that help move the revenue needle, there are some tried and tested methods that will have your reps selling more deals in shorter time.  

Below are our no-fail tips for improving sales performance. 

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Three Common Mistakes that Could be Sabotaging Your Discovery Process

Sales is about fundamentals. There's a problem. You have a solution. Getting your buyer to see that your solution is the best one is the critical component to be a successful sales person. Unfortunately, even the most veteran salespeople can become lazy - forgetting that deals are won and lost on effective discovery.

Here are the three most common mistakes that hurt a sales discovery process. 

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Why Your Team Isn't Selling

Even the best sales organizations can have periods of time when their results fall flat. Often, new product launches or rapid growth can make even a typically strong sales organization struggle. Don't wait, thinking the problem will just correct itself.

Take ownership of first, understanding what's causing the problem and then pinpointing the remedy. Here are three reasons your team isn't selling: 

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4 Tips for Finding the Root Cause of Your Sales Team's Struggles

Putting a band-aid on a problem with your sales team only delays its evolution. If you want to drive true sales transformation and create real sales impact, you need to identify the root cause of your team's struggles. (Hint: it's not likely that they simply need to make more calls.)

We've worked with sales organizations for years and in our experience, the primary root issues that negatively impact most sales teams fit into a few common categories. Here are four areas that we see most often and may help you identify the root cause of your team's struggles: 

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The Ultimate Guide to Articulating Differentiation

In complex B2B sales, there’s always a competitor in the sales equation. Even if your biggest competitor is “No Decision,” effectively articulating your differentiation, and the value you provide to your customer can make the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity.

Best-in-class sellers know how to effectively articulate differentiation in a way that connects back to the positive business outcomes their customers are trying to achieve. Having a solid grasp on how your products, services and company are different and better than the competition creates the opportunity for you to show value to your buyer.

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How to Develop a Stronger Sales Messaging Strategy

It's tough to charge a premium for the service or product you're selling, if you don't align it to the needs of your buyer. A strong sales messaging strategy is built on a sales team that clearly understands how to articulate value and differentiation in a way that has meaning to the buyer.

If your organization is plagued with low average deal size and long sales cycles, you likely need a stronger sales messaging strategy.

Here are some key action steps your team can take to develop a stronger sales messaging strategy.