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6 Sales Strategy Insights from Top Performing Sales Professionals

An effective sales strategy starts with holding tight to basic sales fundamentals. Creating a dynamic sales team that will dominate the sales cycle starts with taking a step back, determining your key challenges and your fastest path to real impact. To help, we've pulled together some expert guidance from the industry’s best sales professionals. They share their thoughts on the top skills sales reps need to master as well as how to boost revenue by aligning sales strategy with value-based messaging.

Learn from their decades of experience and let their thought leadership help you build an unstoppable sales team.

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Our Most Popular Blogs for Increasing Sales

January is often a time to reset. Whether your goals for the year include hiring better sales reps, selling larger deals or driving more rigor on your sales teams, taking a step back and level setting around  your key sales activities can be a valuable exercise. 

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How to Influence the Sales Process with Your Differentiators

Your organization's ability to articulate your differentiation is a critical component to both enabling your reps and ultimately winning market opportunities.  As a sales leader – as someone who is ultimately responsible for the number, you need to make sure your sales reps and everyone who is engaging with your customers is crystal clear on what makes you different from the competition.  

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How to Help Your Reps Have Better Sales Conversations

As a sales leader, are these problems plaguing your salespeople?

  • They rely too often on features and functions rather than business value 
  • They are unable to differentiate from the competition
  • They're selling too low in the organization
  • The deals always come down to price

If so, you're likely dealing with a problem in sales messaging. Your reps don't know how to effectively articulate the value and differenitation of your solutions in a way that has meaning to the buyer. Don't waste another quarter waiting for a miracle to happen. Put the rigor needed behind enabling your sales team to drive consistency in the sales conversations. 

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Why Your Land-and-Expand Sales Strategy Isn't Working

There isn’t a sales organization out there that isn’t trying to increase revenue, either by selling more complex deals with their current prospects or by expanding their solution set with current customers. If you are having challenges with your own land and expand strategy, it likely comes down to how you are equipping your reps to support expansion in their accounts and how your company is aligned behind your sales enablement strategy.

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Don't Miss These Tools to Improve Your Sales Conversations

Our podcasts are some of the most popular tools leveraged by our customers and broader network. When you're on-the-go, they're a great way to brush up on some of the fundamentals of great selling.  We pulled together five of our most popular to make it easy for you to share them with your reps or use them to fuel your own prospect conversations.

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Five Indicators that You Need a Sales Messaging Initiative

Messaging affects every aspect of the sales process, from the first communication to negotiation to the close. Problems with sales messaging can lead to bigger problems: negotiating on price rather than value, low productivity, and missed quotas, to name a few.

If your organization is experiencing any of the messaging problems below, it’s time to address them. The longer you wait, the more impact to the bottom line and your revenue growth goals. Don't start 2017 off without a plan. 

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The Final Frontier for Sales Growth

Companies are running out of ways to drive growth.  They can build all the products they want, but it doesn’t mean the customers will come.  They can spend all the time and money they want building the perfect “digital customer experience”, but converting clicks into dollars isn’t always a sure thing.  Companies can find new channels, new partners, new markets, but at some point, growth is not going to come from capitalizing on external factors.

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Are Your Reps Asking This Question?

We know a lot of work goes into a sales presentation. For many salespeople, the PowerPoint deck drives the conversation and is the one tool you may leave behind for your prospects to socialize internally.

For all those hours spent on the presentation deck, here’s one critical question to ask your sales reps that will drive success in those prospect conversations: