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What the Digital Buyer Wants from Your Sales Team

There's a lot of publicity around selling to the digital buyer. While there are new tools and insights to leverage in the sales process, the need to communicate value doesn't change. However, meeting your buyer where they are and using the modalities available to you can provide a competitive advantage. 

In a digitally-connected world, buyers expect to connect with you through their phones, socially and on websites. Below you'll find key ways you can tap into those expectations and communicate value to the digital buyer. 

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Tips for Shortening Your Sales Cycles

When you're in a race, your speed doesn't depend on how many bicycles you have but on how quickly you're able to pedal the one that you're on. The same applies to your sales cycle.

Organizations that are able to shorten their sales cycles are able to work more efficiently moving through more opportunities in a quarter. If you think your organization could benefit from shorter sales cycles, here are five areas where you may want to put your focus: