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How to Ask the Tough Questions in Your Sales Discovery Process

When you are trying to drill down on a business issue with the largest impact, you need a great sales discovery process that demonstrates your perspective and positive business intent. You need solid questions, if you want to effectively map your value to their business problems.

It is important to understand, however, that you have to ask the tough questions, those that help a prospect realize the impact his/her lack of decision or action is having on their business. These questions make the prospect stand in the moment of pain he/she is experiencing with their current business processes. These questions help both the seller and the buyer. They open the door for a conversation about where the client wants/needs to take the business in the future.

But, you have to earn the right to ask those burning questions. You can’t just go into the conversation and rip someone’s face off. If you start your meeting or call with a hard-hitting, “what are you going to do if” type question, your prospect will shut down. Depending on the question, they may even throw you out.

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The Power of Great Discovery

If you want to elevate your sales conversations to high-level decision makers, you need to be able to map your solution to a problem with real business impact. Without a pointed discovery process, uncovering that problem is nearly impossible.

It's been our experience that salespeople love tips on executing better discovery. It's because often, it could be that one question that gets your prospect thinking in favor of your solution.