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Don't Launch a Sales Initiative Without Doing These Three Things

Taking on any change management initiative can be logistically overwhelming. With the time and investment of budget and resources, you need to ensure that your initiative is set up for success.

Doing the hard work up front will lead to a roll-out that's set up for success.   In this post, we've outlined some key areas that will help you demonstrate leadership and commitment around your initiative. 

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How to Reinforce Your Sales Training Program

If you want to improve sales productivity and generate more revenue per rep, you need a proven sales methodology you can reinforce. When we talk about sales transformation, we mean changing the behaviors of your salespeople in a way that drives results.

Simply scheduling a training event is not going to drive measurable impact. You need to optimize that program for success.

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Key Questions Every Sales Leader Should Answer

The best sales leaders in the world are able to effectively articulate purpose, vision and strategy to their teams. Your team can’t drive results without understanding the direction they’re heading and the value in the end game.

To accomplish that, high-performing sales leaders make sure they understand the answers to these five questions – and that they effectively communicate them to their team members.