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A Must-Have Checklist to Provide Better Sales Call Feedback

One way to improve your ability to retain your top sales talent is to regularly provide effective feedback through sales coaching sessions. Providing constructive and consistent feedback is an important part to of coaching your sales reps to success. Sitting in on sales calls can help you, as a sales leader, reinforce new methodologies and coach your reps to continually map their sales conversations to solving customer problems. Here’s a quick checklist of questions you can use to help you provide effective feedback.

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How to Nurture Millennial Tech Leaders

Half of the millennials in the workforce are now in leadership positions. And frighteningly, fully 64% of these individuals are unprepared when entering leadership roles, a survey of 527 US-based Millennial professionals finds. A leadership position means having individuals who report to you. This is an enormous responsibility, and one that, even in the best of times, first-time managers come woefully equipped to address, given the limited knowledge, experience, and skills they bring into the job.

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The Best Ways to Engage Millennial Employees

Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. With their numbers rising by 30% over the next five years, its imperative organizations develop best practices for engaging this critical population. For a sales organization, this effort couldn’t be timelier. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that sales jobs are getting increasingly harder to fill because millennials perceive sales as risky. However, as this article points out, reaching your hiring targets continually fuels your bottom line. Missing them can have crippling effects.