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Cross-Sell & Up-Sell: 3 Key Areas Your Sales Team Needs to Be Trained In

When it comes to sales pipeline, net new logos are never a bad thing. However, your sales reps ability to cross-sell and up-sell is often a lynchpin to your organization meeting its revenue goals repeatedly.

Too often sales leaders issue a directive to pull money from existing accounts, in an effort to make those quarterly numbers. That creates a fire drill for managers and reps who are trying to push forward deals that aren’t baked. The end result is a lot of frazzled sales behavior and an increase in discounting.

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5 Reasons Your Land and Expand Sales Strategy Isn’t Working

If your sales teams are getting small pilot projects but never getting any bigger deals, your land and expand strategy is failing.

Landing small projects is a waste of your sales team’s time unless they can grow these contacts into bigger, more rewarding deals. To do this, you need a robust land and expand sales strategy.

By demonstrating your value and solving bigger business needs for your prospects, you can deliver positive business results for your clients while growing your own revenue.