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6 Sales Strategy Insights from Top Performing Sales Professionals

An effective sales strategy starts with holding tight to basic sales fundamentals. Creating a dynamic sales team that will dominate the sales cycle starts with taking a step back, determining your key challenges and your fastest path to real impact. To help, we've pulled together some expert guidance from the industry’s best sales professionals. They share their thoughts on the top skills sales reps need to master as well as how to boost revenue by aligning sales strategy with value-based messaging.

Learn from their decades of experience and let their thought leadership help you build an unstoppable sales team.

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4 Actionable Ways You Can Increase Sales Productivity with GrowthPlay

Don’t let another month close without taking control of your sales productivity. Your company’s future is relying on the productivity of your sales reps. Great sales leaders know how to build sustainable revenue growth that keeps your company growing and leaves your competitors in the dust.

By implementing four key strategies, your team of top-tier sales reps will deliver continuous growth. With guidance from GrowthPlay’s newly expanded team of sales experts, you can generate more revenue per rep by improving your internal processes and strengthening client interactions.

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How To Increase Sales Revenue With GrowthPlay's Sales Management Tools

We believe anything that's rolled out to a sales team needs to have one important trait. We call that trait "sales consumable".  That means it needs to be easily consumed by a sales team. It has to be practical. Whether you're selling million-dollar-plus deals, making 100 calls a day or overseeing a region, you need content and tools that enable you to sell more, faster. Our sales management tools are a critical component to our transformative sales initiatives. Their ease-of-use helps drive adoption of new methodologies. Our clients take ownership in the development of them, which means they're customized to your buyers and the unique complexities of your organization. No cookie cutter approach with these sales management tools. 

Here are our top sales management tools that help our clients increase revenue.