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What to Do When "Do Nothing" is Your Biggest Competition

Understanding the best way to differentiate against your competition is critical to being an effective salesperson. The “Do Nothing” competitor is always one of the toughest. Who has instant access to the decision maker? Who is always part of the sales opportunity whether you are or not? The dreaded “Do Nothing.”

“Do Nothing” is always part of the equation because it is often the easier solution for those who are part of the decision process.

“Do Nothing” loves to remind people that there’s always something more important to worry about within the organization.

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Beating the Competition: The Mistake Your Organization is Making

We talk a lot about the importance of articulating differentatiation in the sales process. Even the greenest sales reps know they need a way to explain why their solution is different. Still, even if they have the best product on the market, many sales organizations struggle with enabling their sales team to effectively articulate why they're different than the competition in a way that has meaning to the buyer.

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The Ultimate Guide to Articulating Differentiation

In complex B2B sales, there’s always a competitor in the sales equation. Even if your biggest competitor is “No Decision,” effectively articulating your differentiation, and the value you provide to your customer can make the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity.

Best-in-class sellers know how to effectively articulate differentiation in a way that connects back to the positive business outcomes their customers are trying to achieve. Having a solid grasp on how your products, services and company are different and better than the competition creates the opportunity for you to show value to your buyer.