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Best Practices for Minimizing Leadership Derailment

The rise of a “rock star” executive can capture the public imagination and bring positive exposure for a firm. More often, however, a high-flying executive may suffer the public flame-out we’ve seen from actual rock stars. The result can inflict massive collateral damage to the reputation, morale, and value of a company. How do the best companies keep leaders from “jumping the tracks” and dragging the organization into a disastrous crash?

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The High Price of Unwanted Turnover

All organizations expect a certain amount of turnover. In small amounts, turnover keeps the organization fresh with new talent and ideas. However, when turnover is higher or unwanted, the result quickly turns negative, costing the organization considerable time and money to hire and train new personnel.

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15 Questions That Will Help You Drive Sales Initiative Results

As a sales leader, one of your biggest contributions to transforming your sales force is reinforcement. If you want to change behaviors in your sales team, you need more than a two-day training. Your salespeople need to approach their coveted opportunities in a way that demonstrates your solution’s value and its differentiation. You need a shift in mindset, one that influences the design, development, delivery and reinforcement of your new sales methodology and your sales transformation process.

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Why New Hires in Your Sales Organization Fail

One of the driving forces of a successful sales organization is the ability to hire, retain and develop top sales talent. If you want to hit your revenue goals every quarter, you need a process that prevents you from wasting money on mis-hires and losing talent to the competition.

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Are You Plagued With Bad Sales Talent Data?

If you’re like most sales managers, you’re constantly taking shortcuts with the time you spend on managing your sales talent. In many sales organizations, activities associated with managing people often get put on the back burner either because we are uncomfortable handling them or because we’re too busy reacting to seemingly more pressing problems. Unfortunately, taking shortcuts in these key processes can bring negative consequences to your sales organization, including crippling effects to your bottom line. Add up several bad hires and you’ve got a sales talent problem that’s preventing you from making your numbers.

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How to Nurture Millennial Tech Leaders

Half of the millennials in the workforce are now in leadership positions. And frighteningly, fully 64% of these individuals are unprepared when entering leadership roles, a survey of 527 US-based Millennial professionals finds. A leadership position means having individuals who report to you. This is an enormous responsibility, and one that, even in the best of times, first-time managers come woefully equipped to address, given the limited knowledge, experience, and skills they bring into the job.