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Improving Sales Productivity: The Value of an Outside Perspective

We've all been in those situations where outside experts were hired to help you get from "Point A" to "Point B." Often, these decisions are met with skepticism.

  • How can an outside firm possibly understand the complexities of our business?
  • How will its people ever be able to execute in a timely manner?
  • How can we ensure that we're set up to actually execute on the recommendations offered? 

Well, we are consultants and we know that there's a perception that follows us wherever we go. However, we firmly believe there are key benefits to hiring an outside partner to help you improve sales productivity, especially when you have aggressive growth goals or a sales problem that can't go one more quarter without getting fixed. Here's why: 

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Winning the Talent Shortage Battle

There isn't a sales leader out there who doesn't want to attract and retain top sales talent. The struggle lies in the ability of your organization to recruit those top performers and keep them on board. Manpower ranked the role of sales representative as the second-toughest job to fill globally in 2015.

Step one is realizing that the battle for talent is as real as the competition you face for customers. Then, you need to make sure you have the processes in place to create a rhythm around recruiting your sales talent. 

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Three Tips for Supercharging Your Sales Training Programs

Best-in-class sales organizations invest in training programs for even their most veteran reps. Aberdeen research shows that top companies use external sales consultants 61 percent more than their under-performing peers. Sales training is a competitive and crowded industry. When you're picking the right solution for your organization, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter.

Google "Sales Training" and you'll see that you can hire everyone from a single consultant to a firm with customized solutions that scale. No matter your decision, there are some basic techniques you can leverage to ensure you're getting the return on your coveted sales enablement dollars.

Here are some of our best practices:

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How to Improve the Way You Hire Salespeople

If you are a top sales organization, you are always in a heated competition for top sales talent. The strength of your hiring ability is directly tied to your ability to meet your revenue goals.

 Just as it takes sound growth strategies to differentiate your solutions, you need to optimize your recruitment and selection process to edge out the competition in attracting talented reps.

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3 Reasons New Hires Fail (And How You Can Encourage Success)

When a new hire fails to catch on with your sales team, it is a financial burden. It can also hurt the morale of your existing staff. Recognizing and guarding against the more common causes of new hire failure improves your chances of routinely landing the right potential candidates. 

Here are three reasons new hires fail and strategies to improve your success rate.

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Four Tools To Support Your Sales Talent Management Strategy

Hiring and retaining talented sales professionals is one of the most important roles for a successful sales leader.  An intelligent hiring system, accurate screening methods and high-quality talent management tools all influence your ability to deliver on revenue goals. 

Here are four specific tools that can greatly enhance your ability to attract and manage talented sales professionals.

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How to Make Your Role Plays More Effective

Mike Kunkle is a training and organization effectiveness leader with more than 20 years’ experience conducting projects with one purpose – improving sales results. He is currently the Senior Director of Sales Enablement for Brainshark. Follow him at @Mike_Kunkle or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Role plays can be an effective learning and behavior change tool for sales reps. I’ve used this technique many times throughout my career and have found several best practices that can make a huge difference in how well they prepare the reps for actual sales conversations.

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How a Defined Sales Process Benefits Your Business

A defined sales process has consistent steps that align the way you sell with the way your buyers buy. Requiring your reps to make X number of calls a day is not a sales process. Outlining the fields that need to be entered in Salesforce isn't a process either.

Rather, when you define the specific activities that move a prospect through the buying process, your team is able to improve deal velocity and consistently qualify opportunities. 

If you don't have a defined sales process, here are four reasons why you should take immediate action for your sales organization. 

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Has Your Sales Team Lost Its Focus?

When your sales team loses focus, there's often a breakdown in tools, processes or content. Often the culprits are cumbersome administrative processes and a lack of internal alignment around message and sales execution. Bottom line, you need your reps spending as much time as possible selling

Here are several action steps you can take to ensure your team is focused on the high-value activities that move the needle.