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4 Ways To Motivate Middle Performing Salespeople

Think about the best coaches or the best managers you’ve ever encountered. What did they do that made them great? Often, they have the ability to motivate and push you to greater success. The skill behind those traits is the ability to meet people where they are.

There are many sales organizations out there that fall into that 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the revenue comes from 20 percent of the people. If you could improve that ratio, your sales results would improve exponentially. So how do you motivate those middle performing salespeople in a way that improves their productivity and emotionally connects them to being an A player?

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5 Sales Strategy Examples That Produce Real Results

Are long sales cycles crushing your sales team? Is the cost of every sale going up while your team takes longer and longer to close deals? Are you failing to grow the number of prospects you’re working with?

Dominating the sales cycle isn’t impossible. It just takes the right strategies to get your sales reps focused on delivering on consistent, sustainable revenue growth. With the right examples, tools and processes, you can lead your team to bigger deals that are closed faster. Elevate your sales team from mediocre to masterful with five key sales strategies.

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Why Your Sales Training Didn’t Work Last Year

Investing in sales training isn’t always an easy call. Past trainings may have had limited results, and you’re never really sure you got your money’s worth. Instead of sinking more money into training without a guaranteed ROI, take the time to find the right partner with the right approach to deliver measurable results.

Learn how to create a roadmap to success for your team. With the right methodology, you can learn to dominate your sales numbers and ensure revenue growth month over month.

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5 Reasons Your Land and Expand Sales Strategy Isn’t Working

If your sales teams are getting small pilot projects but never getting any bigger deals, your land and expand strategy is failing.

Landing small projects is a waste of your sales team’s time unless they can grow these contacts into bigger, more rewarding deals. To do this, you need a robust land and expand sales strategy.

By demonstrating your value and solving bigger business needs for your prospects, you can deliver positive business results for your clients while growing your own revenue.

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4 Actionable Ways You Can Increase Sales Productivity with GrowthPlay

Don’t let another month close without taking control of your sales productivity. Your company’s future is relying on the productivity of your sales reps. Great sales leaders know how to build sustainable revenue growth that keeps your company growing and leaves your competitors in the dust.

By implementing four key strategies, your team of top-tier sales reps will deliver continuous growth. With guidance from GrowthPlay’s newly expanded team of sales experts, you can generate more revenue per rep by improving your internal processes and strengthening client interactions.

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How To Increase Sales Revenue With GrowthPlay's Sales Management Tools

We believe anything that's rolled out to a sales team needs to have one important trait. We call that trait "sales consumable".  That means it needs to be easily consumed by a sales team. It has to be practical. Whether you're selling million-dollar-plus deals, making 100 calls a day or overseeing a region, you need content and tools that enable you to sell more, faster. Our sales management tools are a critical component to our transformative sales initiatives. Their ease-of-use helps drive adoption of new methodologies. Our clients take ownership in the development of them, which means they're customized to your buyers and the unique complexities of your organization. No cookie cutter approach with these sales management tools. 

Here are our top sales management tools that help our clients increase revenue. 

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How To Increase Sales Revenue With GrowthPlay's New Website Resources

What sales leader isn’t looking to enable the sales team to sell more deals, faster?

We take pride in enabling the teams we work with to drive more rep productivity, generating more revenue per salesperson. Whether you’re trying to meet aggressive growth goals, rolling out a new sales methodology or instilling a new territory plan process – you have a team that’s looking to you for direction and leadership.

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Slow Down to Speed Up Sales

Two months are in the books and companies are already starting to look for ways to speed up their sales production for the rest of the year. Maybe Q1 isn’t shaping up so well. Maybe the year started strong, but the mountain in future months is steep and you want to build up a cushion.

Time to come up with some ideas to rally the troops, right?!


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Four Essential Steps to Hiring Top Sales Talent

The hiring and development of sales talent is often the least disciplined process within sales organizations. While sales leaders and managers are focused on helping reps build pipeline and close business, recruiting and the hiring process can often take a back seat to more pressing sales activities.