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by Rachel Clapp Miller /

resized icon thumbs up.pngJanuary is often a time to reset. Whether your goals for the year include hiring better sales reps, selling larger deals or driving more rigor on your sales teams, taking a step back and level setting around  your key sales activities can be a valuable exercise. 

To help get you started, we've compiled some of last year's most popular blogs. Use them to your advantage. Bookmark them. Share them with your sales team. Your revenue numbers are worth the extra effort. 

Happy Selling! 

Five Questions that Will Help You Sell Larger Deals

When you have aggressive growth goals and only so many days in a quarter, you need your team focused on deals that solve the biggest problems and make the biggest dent in the revenue targets. This blog targets five questions that will help you steer conversations toward business pain and high-value solutions.

How to Make Your Role Plays More Effective

In this post, Brainshark's Senior Director of Sales Enablement Mike Kunkle shares his best practices for using role plays to drive results with your sales teams. There are some great tips in this post making it one of the most read blogs of 2016. 

Three Reasons New Hires Fail (And How You Can Encourage Success)

We've broken down three of the main reasons your new hires won't be successful this year and some quick remedies to help right the course. 

Why Your Team Isn't Selling

Unhappy with the way your revenue numbers ended up in 2016? If you need larger deals in the pipeline and more closed revenue, you may want to pay attention to the three areas outlined in this blog. 

The Value of Silence in Your Discovery Process

I write a lot of blogs and this post is one of my favorites. Never underestimate the power of being quiet and letting others talk. 



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