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How To Increase Sales Revenue With GrowthPlay's Sales Management Tools

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

how-to-increase-sales-revenue-with-growthplays-sales-management-tools.jpgWe believe anything that's rolled out to a sales team needs to have one important trait. We call that trait "sales consumable".  That means it needs to be easily consumed by a sales team. It has to be practical. Whether you're selling million-dollar-plus deals, making 100 calls a day or overseeing a region, you need content and tools that enable you to sell more, faster. Our sales management tools are a critical component to our transformative sales initiatives. Their ease-of-use helps drive adoption of new methodologies. Our clients take ownership in the development of them, which means they're customized to your buyers and the unique complexities of your organization. No cookie cutter approach with these sales management tools. 

Here are our top sales management tools that help our clients increase revenue. 

The Value Framework

The Value Framework is the main deliverable of our Command of the Message® methodology. It provides exceptional clarity and consistency around how your solutions create value for customers and how you do it differently than the competition.  The power of the framework is in its development.

Our process brings together leaders from a variety of departments (e.g., marketing, product, services, engineering) and facilitates agreement on those value drivers and differentiators. As a result, your salespeople have a tool they can leverage to execute a sales conversation and process based on high-level business issues that grabs the attention of high-level decision makers.

Management Operating Rhythm

Every sales leader needs a cadence that allows him/her to inspect sales activities and coach reps to success. Front-line sales managers often have one of the most difficult sales jobs in the company. They're trying to motivate, coach and inspect their own teams, while they're also dealing with constant pressure from top leadership.

That's why it's important they have a management cadence that guides their operating process. Our MOR offers value for your sales managers in five critical areas:

  • It defines the critical few management activities that the leadership team wants first-line sales managers to treat as a priority 
  • It provides the tools that assist managers in successfully completing these activities
  • It simplifies the sales planning process by making it “sales consumable” and streamlining administrative burdens
  • It sets clear expectations of managerial job responsibilities with senior leadership
  • It provides clear line-of-sight into sales team performance


SalesGPA is our predictive analytics platform that leverages 40+ years of data on sales talent to predict performance in a role. You may be familiar with the Chally Assessment. SalesGPA takes the power of that assessment and combines it with a mobile platform that's available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days a week.  Here are key reasons why SalesGPA is different from the competitors:

  • We routinely track data for every person assessed
  • You can assess every candidate and incumbents for the same price as others charge for just assessing job finalists
  • We take a questionnaire-driven approach to measuring organizations and roles. Our role profiling creates a strategic tool that increases accuracy and lowers costs. 
  • You create the benchmark that best matches your purpose. Forget the standard norm groups of other platforms. You can compare applicants and incumbents and focus specifically on your industry. 
  • We focus on sales. We report in the language of sales. We provide a clear understanding of the data so you can turn the insights into action. 

Sales Performance Content

We hear consistently from sales managers that they find great value in our sales resources page and our sales effectiveness blog. Excuse the humble brag, but we do spend a lot of time, money and resources on creating content that helps managers manage and reps sell. Our content spans the gamut of sales performance.

From reinforcing a sales initiative, to best practices for opportunity reviews, to executing a great sales presentation, our content often helps all levels of the sales organization. Both the blog home page and our Sales Insights page have pull-down menus that allow you to search by topic.

These resources have become sales management tools for those in our network. If you're looking for some content to reinforce a specific behavior with your team members, these two areas may have just what you need. Looking for a specific topic that you can't find on our site? Please let us know. 


Many sales leaders have been using our podcasts to reinforce specific practices that they've been learning in our training. There are also several podcasts that help you as a sales leader. Reinforcing a Sales Initiative and Enabling Your Front-line Managers are two that you may find helpful. You can find all of our podcasts on our site. You can also subscribe on SoundCloud and iTunes.  


Our methodologies are built specifically with sales management tools in mind. We can roll out initiatives every day of the week, but if we don't help you create the tools to make them stick, it's time, money and resources wasted. 

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