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How To Increase Sales Revenue With GrowthPlay's New Website Resources

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

shutterstock_416926234.jpgWhat sales leader isn’t looking to enable the sales team to sell more deals, faster?

We take pride in enabling the teams we work with to drive more rep productivity, generating more revenue per salesperson. Whether you’re trying to meet aggressive growth goals, rolling out a new sales methodology or instilling a new territory plan process – you have a team that’s looking to you for direction and leadership.

We often use the expression, “Provide the How”. What we mean by that is that sales leaders need to not just tell their teams what to do (sell more), they need to tell them how to do it. Providing the how isn’t always easy. Never fear – that’s why we’re here. That’s why I write this blog every week. (Thanks to all of you avid readers!)

In this post, we wanted to provide a list of some of our most valuable sales tools that we have published on our website. You may have noticed it has a new look. We worked hard to make sure this website has value for those of you who have worked with us for years, and those of you who may be new to GrowthPlay.

Check out these tools on our new website that will help your sales organization increase revenue. 

Increase Sales Revenue with These Resources


This page features our podcasts on building sales effectiveness. They’re great tools to share with your front-line managers or with reps who may have just completed Command of the Message® curriculum. Need information on trap-setting questions? Reinforcing a sales initiative? Digging deep in discovery? This content can be really valuable where it matters most – executing the sales process.

A Blog Post that will Improve all of your Sales Decks

How many PowerPoints do your salespeople create as part of their business conversations? Even if you have a standard deck that your team uses repeatedly, the PowerPoint deck is often a thorn in the side of reps who enjoy the conversation, but hate the presentation.

We find even the most veteran salespeople fall victim to a presentation that’s focused too much on your company capabilities and your company logos. In this blog post, we cover the one question everyone should ask about their deck before they put it in front of the customer.

The Ultimate Guide to Articulating Differentiation

Opportunities are often won or lost on a sales reps ability to differentiate against the competition. This guide is a great tool for reps to use repeatedly to keep them fresh on the best ways to articulate differentiation. This is a great blog post on the same topic.

Key Steps for Sales Talent Management

We love an eBook or a white paper, but sometimes you need a quick easy guide to give you some simple steps you can take to be a better sales leader. This guide breaks down six easy steps you can take to improve your sales talent management practices.

The Best Ways to Hire Salespeople

This article, published in Harvard Business Review, was authored by our CEO Dan Weinfurter and Board Member Frank Cespedes. It breaks down the mistakes companies make when hiring salespeople and the critical steps you should take as a sales leader to ensure you are building a talent bench that can help you execute your goals.

Remember, without the right people on board, it will be hard to achieve profitable revenue growth. 

Improve Accountability for the Forecast

I wrote this after a session with John Kaplan during which he gave me a passionate talk on the importance of accountability for the forecast. (I learned a lot of sales planning that day!). We believe it starts with instilling ownership and a franchise mindset with your reps and driving a cadence that pushes them to drive pipeline at the territory level.

A Way to Quickly Assess Your Sales Organization

We all could use a "look in the mirror" every now and then. Our B2B Scorecard helps break down the areas where you as a sales leader can make the greatest impact this year.

When we work with our clients, we draft into their current process. We believe it's important to fix what's broken, keep what isn't. No need to retool the whole thing if it isn't necessary. This scorecard where tell you where you need to focus. 


SalesGPA is our new talent analytics platform. Leveraging predictive analytics around the way you hire, coach and retain top sales talent is an effective way to build discipline into your only sustainable competitive advantage - your people. Our platform routinely tracks outcome data for every person assessed. The pricing platform means you can assess every new hire as well as incumbents. And, our focused benchmark set-up allows you track people based on your organizational needs.

Our News and Events

This is a bit more self-promoting than some of these other resources, but we have committed to bring you more events and webinars for 2017. Our goal for these events is to provide more ways for you to engage with content that will help you increase revenue.

We love blog posts, but sometimes you want to dive further into a topic and that's what we're doing with our webinar series. On this page is where you'll find the latest list of scheduled webinars and speaking events. Think of it as our "GrowthPlay on Tour" section, virtual or in-person. Stay tuned for the t-shirts.   

We're writing content daily to help increase revenue and improve sales productivity. If there's a topic you'd like to see us dig deeper into, please let us know. Email me directly or leave a comment below. In the meantime, stay audible-ready! You know we will.  

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