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How to Get Results from Your Sales Training

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

White_Board_Graph_Up.pngIf you want to drive ROI with your sales training dollars, you need a plan for adoption and reinforcement.

The success of any sales training initiative is contigent upon key activities that happen before and after the training event. Often, they are even more important the the event itself. 

Today on the blog, we have three resources that will help you set your sales training up for success and get results. 

Here are three action steps you can take right now:

1. Register for our webinar, "Secrets to Making Your Sales Methodology Stick" this Thursday with Qstream and the Sales Management Association. If you can't make it, register anyway so you can snag the recording.  (Register Here)

2. Download and listen to our latest podcast with John Kaplan on setting your sales training up for success. We walk through several steps you can take to ensure that the training event has everything it needs to drive action after it ends. iTunes | SoundCloud

3. Check out our adoption content on the blog. There are several short articles on the blog that can help you stay focused on reinforcement. 


 Join our webinar on sales training adoption July 28th


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