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3 Ways Marketing Can Help Drive Command of the Message Success

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

blue-graph-shadow.jpgIf you’re ready to kick off a Command of the Message® engagement or perhaps you just wrapped the rep delivery, you’re likely looking for ways that you can maximize reinforcement and adoption.

Besides, leveraging your front-line managers and making sure you have constant reinforcement throughout the sales organization, your marketing department can help give your reps the tools to really command your message in the marketplace.

Here are three “quick win” areas where marketing can easily impact Command of the Message success by arming salespeople with content that’s relevant to the methodology they’ve just learned.

1. Proof Points

The best proof points come from the sales team because salespeople have the client relationships and the trusted advisor status to gather the measurable results. You can quickly enable marketing to demonstrate the value of your solutions by taking charge of gathering the proof as soon as possible. Help marketing determine the gaps. Create a white space table aligned by value driver, that demonstrates where you have proof points and where you don't.

Also, the components of your Value Framework are likely already in a lot of your case studies. However, it may be beneficial to request a quick scrub of the top three case studies that your sales team most often uses. Marketing may be able to reposition the language in a way that better aligns with your value drivers and differentiators.

2. Buyer-Centric Sales Presentation

If your salespeople use PowerPoint a lot, developing some Command of the Message driven standard slides can be a quick win. Develop standard slides that speak to key pain points and create others that align with the value-based conversation. Remember, the slides shouldn’t be about your company, they should be driven by what’s important to your buyer. (Hint: It has nothing to do with logos of companies you’ve worked with).

3. Landing Pages 

Product-focused landing pages can also be an easy way to demonstrate value and differentiation of your solution. Setting up a landing page that discusses your products in a way that has meaning to the buyer is typically a quick value add. Salespeople can be directed to share the landing pages for any relevant prospects. 

Your organization will have its greatest success with Command of the Message when you build alignment among cross-functional teams.

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