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Enable Your Sales Reps to Sell Higher in Prospect Organizations

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

graph_up_resized.pngIf you want your reps targeting the right high-level decision makers, you need to enable them with a keen understanding of the value of your solution and what makes it different from competitors.

Effective targeting starts with building customer value.

We can’t effectively target unless we are (1) effectively building customer value through our sales conversations and (2) aligning the solution we provide with the high-level business outcomes that are important to people in the account.

In order to do that, there are three things your salespeople need to be able to uncover and articulate:

1 They need to understand the customer’s needs and requirements.

2. Once that need is identified and quantified, your sales teams need to be able to articulate how your solution will help solve those specific problems.

3. And finally, by solving that customer’s problem, you are creating value. Customer value is created by applying what you do for a living to solving their problems. Your salespeople need to be able to quantify and articulate the business impact of that value.

You can’t target the right people without first identifying and quantifying each person’s specific needs. You must be able to serve those needs by articulating and differentiating your offerings.

The best conversations are the ones that lead the client to naturally understand the value of the business case. Here are some key essential questions you should be able to effectively articulate as a sales leader:

1. How am I enabling my sellers to effectively target the high-level business opportunities within an account?

2. How am I enabling my salespeople to improve their intelligence, relationships and reputation within accounts?

3. How am I enabling my sellers to identify competitors and differentiate against them?

4. How do we enable our sales process so that we can systematically, strategically saturate accounts?

If you can’t answer these key questions, your reps will not be able to successfully target the right people within an account. To improve how you effectively target the right buyers, you have to enable your sales organization with the ability to have the right conversations and attach to the biggest problem.  

A salesperson can target up or down within an organization, as long as that conversation is relevant to what the person in that role cares about.  Enable your sales reps to be audible-ready to have conversations at any level. Being audible-ready means that your salespeople are ready, at any time, to have a conversation that is based on value and attached to business issues that have the largest business impact.


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