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Don't Miss These Tools to Improve Your Sales Conversations

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

headphone_jack.pngOur podcasts are some of the most popular tools leveraged by our customers and broader network. When you're on-the-go, they're a great way to brush up on some of the fundamentals of great selling.  We pulled together five of our most popular to make it easy for you to share them with your reps or use them to fuel your own prospect conversations.

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1. Five Mistakes You're Making With Your Discovery Questions

Deals are won and lost on discovery. Your ability as a salesperson to effectively move a complex B2B opportunity through the pipeline demands you know how to uncover high-level business issues. Use this podcast to ensure you're not making these often-seen mistakes.

2. How to Trap Your Competition

Effectively demonstrating why your solution is a better one than the competition's is a critical step to winning an opportunity. Trap-setting questions draw the pivotal link between the value that customers want and the differentiators that your solutions provide. This podcast runs through best practices on trap-setting questions.

3. Uncovering Business Pain

Once you find a problem, it's your job to "dig deep" and find the business impact of the challenges your prospect is having. This podcast discusses ways to "dig deep" on negative consequences and motivate your buyer to take action.

4. Building Up Your Champion

Best-in-class salespeople lift up their champion in a way that demonstrates business value. In this podcast, we discuss the best ways you can build up your champion within an account, leveraging that relationship for further opportunity.

5. Required Capabilities: Best Practices

Required Capabilities are critical to your being able to your moving a deal forward in your sales process. In this podcast, we break down best practices for identifying required capabilities early and validating them throughout your sales process.


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