The Sales Snapshot: Three Ways to Build a Culture of Performance

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

A culture shift may be the one thing that can turn around a company suffering from dwindling profits and market share. Today's Sales Snapshot pulls together some great resources on leadership and building a culture of performance

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The Sales Snapshot: Three Ways to Put the Focus Back on Your Customer

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

The pace of change continues to accelerate in the B2B sales landscape. Corporate buyers have increasingly greater access to information, across multiple platforms, and in many formats, placing them in greater control of their purchasing process than ever before.

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What Top Sales Teams Do Better Than The Rest

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

We know that there are clear drivers of a best-in-class sales team: good leadership, effective salespeople and a defined process that allows the team to consistently reach revenue goals. 

Harvard Business Review Blogger Steve W. Martin recently surveyed 786 sales professionals, revealing more insight into what distinguishes top sales organizations from the rest. He found more than a dozen differences, but there are three themes among his results we found to be most important.

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Five Things Top Sales Organizations Know About Successful Sales Transformation

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

The sales profession is a dynamic landscape. From economic ups-and-downs to shifts in consumer trends, it’s necessary to keep a finger on the pulse of best practices in order to create scalable and repeatable success in your sales organization.

In its recent study on sales training and development, Aberdeen surveyed 260 organizations to determine the most effective sales training techniques. Aberdeen benchmarked Best-in-Class companies against average and laggard performing organizations. Companies were best-in-class if they:

  • had more than 80% of their teams achieving quota
  • had a 14% average increase in revenue
  • had a 9.5% year-over-year increase in average deal size

Here are the five critical points for sales leaders to take from Aberdeen's sales training research:

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The Sales Snapshot: Incentives, Metrics and Sales Barriers

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

We’ve scoured the web for relevant sales studies in order to bring you real-time, actionable insights. This is The Sales Snapshot, a brand new series on The Command Center. 

 'One-Size-Fits-All’ Sales Competitions Can Hurt Your Team’s Overall Performance

Sales managers often use competition as a way to incentivize sellers to perform at their maximum potential. And while this method can drive higher revenue numbers, it doesn't always do what it sets out to do - which is to increase the output from every member of the sales team. 
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The Sales Snapshot: Insights to Help You Drive Revenue

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

We’ve scoured the web for relevant sales studies in order to bring you real-time, actionable insights. This is The Sales Snapshot, a brand new series onThe Command Center. 

Has Social Media Paved the Way for B2B Sales Teams to Sell More Effectively?

Social media has completely changed the way we interact in the B2B sales environment with prospects and clients. Top-performing B2B sales teams are increasingly using Enterprise Social Collaboration (ESC) tools to build a connected sales force. 

According to a recent Aberdeen research brief, ESC tools are capitalizing on the familiar functionality of social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to create a sales team that is interconnected and able to quickly collaborate.

Using enterprise software that has a look and feel that’s similar to other social media tools, sellers are more likely to engage with the software, leading to increased performance and better sales metrics.

So the question is, does this kind of social-based tool actually aid or distract the salesperson who is using it?

It turns out that the highest performing sales organizations engaged with social selling tools 91% more than their less performing counterparts. Meaning, there’s something to be said for the impact that collaborative technology can have on your sales team’s bottom line.

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New IT Priorities Demand Shift in Sales Conversation

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

New research shows some significant changes in organizational priorities for IT buyers. McKinsey Global’s eighth annual survey on business technologies indicates that executives are looking beyond merely cutting IT costs and plan to increase budgets for new investments. Executives ranked the following as their top three organizational priorities:

  1. Improving effectiveness of business processes
  2. Improving cost efficiency of business processes
  3. Providing managers with information to support planning and decision making
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Why Salespeople Need a Consistent Sales Process

Posted by Joellen Sorenson

Sales is the engine converting your back-end investments like CRM, Marketing Automation and collateral into revenue. If you want to impact bottom-line results, you need a sales process that provides sales leaders, and sales reps, the ability to manage, reinforce and inspect, not just a set of tools that aren’t integrated or relative to a seller’s day-to-day functions. Without real-time insight into what’s working, when, why and for whom, the effort to improve sales performance can become a costly game of darts.

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Selling in Healthcare: Attach Your Solution to Top CFO Challenges

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly changing industries in existence. If you are selling in this dynamic marketplace, you know the success of your sales organization depends on your sales teams’ ability to have value-based sales conversations that speak to larger business problems.

HealthLeaders Media just published an article on the top concerns for hospital and health system CFOs. After gathering input from nearly 40 CFOS, their most-pressing challenges were:

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Three Ways to Help Your Sales Team Sell Value in Complex B2B Sales

Posted by Rachel Clapp Miller

The ability for salespeople to articulate value in a way that speaks to multiple audiences has never been more critical. The latest Sales Performance Optimization report from CSO Insights shows that on average, more than four people have “direct input” on the final buying decision, the highest in the past three years.

There is no longer one decision maker. There’s a network of people making the purchase decision. That’s why articulating value throughout the buyer chain is a key component to your sales organization’s success.

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