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Want to Grow Your Leadership Pipeline? Listen to What Millennials are Saying about Leadership!

The man (Jack Weinberg) who coined the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30” is now 77. This may shock some of you who listened to Jack give his speech, or quoted yourself early on in your career. While those born at the end of the generation are teenagers, early Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are now part of that group. Does this mean we don’t trust what they have to say because they are now part of the establishment?

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Why 70% of Mergers and Acquisitions Fail

Most mergers and acquisitions fail – so says conventional wisdom. It’s true that the business landscape is littered with deals gone bad: Up to 70% of M&A transactions don’t achieve the financial and strategic results expected of them.

The reasons for failure, from flawed assumptions to insufficient planning, poor execution, and cultural conflict, are numerous and well known. However, some firms consistently do this kind of growth very well. How do they succeed where others fail?

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Best Practices for Minimizing Leadership Derailment

The rise of a “rock star” executive can capture the public imagination and bring positive exposure for a firm. More often, however, a high-flying executive may suffer the public flame-out we’ve seen from actual rock stars. The result can inflict massive collateral damage to the reputation, morale, and value of a company. How do the best companies keep leaders from “jumping the tracks” and dragging the organization into a disastrous crash?

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The Best Ways to Engage Millennial Employees

Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce. With their numbers rising by 30% over the next five years, its imperative organizations develop best practices for engaging this critical population. For a sales organization, this effort couldn’t be timelier. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that sales jobs are getting increasingly harder to fill because millennials perceive sales as risky. However, as this article points out, reaching your hiring targets continually fuels your bottom line. Missing them can have crippling effects.