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4 Actionable Ways You Can Increase Sales Productivity with GrowthPlay

by Rachel Clapp Miller /

4-actionable-ways-you-can-increase-sales-productivity-with-growthplay.jpgDon’t let another month close without taking control of your sales productivity. Your company’s future is relying on the productivity of your sales reps. Great sales leaders know how to build sustainable revenue growth that keeps your company growing and leaves your competitors in the dust.

By implementing four key strategies, your team of top-tier sales reps will deliver continuous growth. With guidance from GrowthPlay’s newly expanded team of sales experts, you can generate more revenue per rep by improving your internal processes and strengthening client interactions.

Your sales team’s success is based on how well you sell your company’s services and products and it’s vital for sales management teams to determine the priority of things that need to be improved. But identifying and then addressing these issues isn’t easy when you’re already busy managing other areas. To increase sales productivity, you need a partner.

Learn about four of the sales strategies best in class companies use. These strategies help increase sales productivity and efficiency so you can get the growth your company needs to thrive.

4 Actionable Ways You Can Increase Sales Productivity

1. Is Your Sales Team Focused On The Customer’s Needs?

You know your team and you probably already have an idea where they’re struggling. You also can’t wait months to see results. To get your sales transformation started, you need to look at the highest value sales activities you can improve today, so you start seeing results tomorrow.

If your team is selling based on technical specs instead of value to the customer, that’s a problem.

GrowthPlay’s Command of the Message® training gives your sales team a framework to guide the customer conversation. By focusing on your customer’s needs and how your products or services solve them, you’re now selling based on value.

GrowthPlay helps your sales and executive staff work together on developing a strategy that aligns the sales team with their customer’s needs first.

Our Command of the Message® strategy focuses on solving a few of these common sales issues:

  • We spend too much time and money developing messaging that our sales team doesn’t actually use.
    • Until your team understands what your customers actually need, they can’t communicate how your products and services will help solve your customer’s problems.
  • Our sales productivity is too low and our cost of sales is too high.
    • Command of the Message® gives your team the tools, processes and systems you need to reduce the time and money needed to find and keep your best customers.
  • We’re too focused on selling products instead of solving problems.
    • Once your team shifts from a product mindset to a value mindset, they will understand how to talk about the solutions you’re offering to every decision-maker involved in the deal.

In addition to developing the right message, you need the right team. GrowthPlay helps you understand down to the DNA level what makes the right sales rep for your company. Once you’ve defined that perfect seller, hire 10 more of them and put a plan in place to grow and retain them.

The last piece is to outline the perfect sell for your company. Once you know your ideal customer, focus your sales team on identifying these opportunities and using your messaging to close more deals, faster.

GrowthPlay’s training can help you master each piece of this strategy so you’re selling more products and services with higher margins and lower cost per deal.

2.) Does Your Sales Staff Really Understand Market Trends?

No sales team can afford to let its message stagnate. The market, your products and services and your customer’s needs are constantly evolving. As the market evolves, your message has to evolve with it. Updating your message and keeping your sales reps informed is the key to taking advantage of new market opportunities.

When you work with GrowthPlay, we help you identify trends that affect your prospects and customers as well as your competitors. When issues arise, your team can be prepared with the right response. And when market trends create opportunities, your team is ready to take advantage of these new openings and adapt their sales message to maximize productivity and results.  

3.) Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of Market Opportunities?

Investing the time to watch the market and track what your competitors are doing gives your sales team a tremendous advantage. Any opening in the market is a chance for your team to create on-demand offerings. This agile approach allows you to present solutions almost as soon as your customers realize they have a problem. A sales team that has an in-depth understanding of what’s taking place in the market is a sales team that can connect the solution to the problem more efficiently.

GrowthPlay helps you develop a sales team that has the processes, tools and systems they need to pivot their value-based message to address new challenges and opportunities.

Our partnership with Fuze perfectly outlines how the Command of the Message® training tool increased the confidence of their sales reps, which helped them focus their conversation on creating value for the client.

4.) Are You Articulating and Delivering On Your Company’s Value?

The best sales reps know that selling is an art. It’s more than just talking about your products or services. Selling is at its best when all parties treat it as a valued service from one organization to another.

When the sales team is working together to find the right products and services and create the solution to the customer’s business needs, both parties benefit. This act of stewardship between the parties ensures that everyone leaves the deal happy and successful.

Once sellers adopt this mindset as their role in the process, they can implement the science behind selling. They can then build the tools, processes and systems to make the process predictable and measurable. GrowthPlay helps your company drive sustainable growth, ensuring your business’ successful future.


To see how our newly-expanded team of sales effectiveness experts can help you create a more productive sales team, contact GrowthPlay. Let us show you how to outsell your competitors.
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